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The Honda CB350 Super Sport

Thomas Callahan

By: Nicholas Altman

The Honda CB350 Super Sport sits as a cornerstone in the history of motorcycle engineering and design. Over 250,000 were sold from 1968-1973, making it one of Honda’s best selling models. During that time it became one of the most popular street bikes in America. It’s air cooled, parallel twin cylinder, four stroke engine delivers 36 horsepower and weighs in at 375 lbs wet. It’s simple engineering and abundance of parts makes it accessible to novice and advanced wrenchers alike, and it’s sleek and tight design has lent itself to the modern cafe racer revival.

I purchased my stock 1972 CB350 Super Sport this past summer, and have had a blast riding and maintaining it with the help of a few more seasoned riders and mechanics. The bike zips through crowded city streets with agility and opens up on back roads with ease, making it ideal for day trips to nearby beaches and mountains. Other than some basic tuning and an upgrade to the charging system, the bike has required little work and runs great.

I’ve considered making some modifications to the bike but there is something satisfying about riding a completely stock vintage bike, especially one that looks so sharp. The rear luggage rack is also clutch, as I have plenty of space to carry a passenger, a bag, and a blanket, allowing for total self sufficiency.