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Carbon steel Camping knife: A Part of History

Thomas Callahan

Reclaimed wood is frequently touted as a resourceful way to reduce waste by reusing existing materials. What’s often missing from that conversation is how the reuse of these materials can also reclaim a piece of history, salvaging remnants of what came before and offering them a new meaning. That was the intention of Brooklyn’s Horse Brand Co. with its new Coney Island Boardwalk Knife, which uses shards of the famous  boardwalk blasted apart by Hurricane Sandy in 2012. (CORE 77) 

Thanks to our friends at Surname Goods, each handle comes to us milled into 1/4" blocks inlaid with bright maple.

The combination of quality high-carbon blade steel and the opportunity to incorporate a piece of Coney Island history makes each of these one of a kind knives a special piece very close to our hearts.  Check out the shop for more info.

“The idea for making knives came from an obsession I had with wanting to create a tool that I could use out when I’m in the wilderness,” Callahan says. “I wanted it to also act as special object that added value to that extended task, something that I could have and I could know someone’s hands were on it, know how it was made.” The idea for using wood from the Coney Island Boardwalk came from his friend Steven Bukowski, one of the founders of Surname Goods, who had stumbled upon wood salvaged in the aftermath of Sandy (he was using it to create a set of Boardwalk Coasters)."

Had made right here at our shop in Brooklyn, NY