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Thomas Callahan

I picked up an old Atlas Drill press from a good friend in the neighborhood. I believe it was manufactured between 1945-53, and Atlas still continue to be some of the nicest presses out there. But this one wasn't working, and my buddy just wanted it out of the way as it was taking up space. Over the next 3 months I gave her some love, stripped it down to bare bones and brought her back from the grips of death.

I started by stripping all the layers of paint and years off the drill press with many coats of paint remover. I disassembled all the parts, including the motor then scuffed the whole body. Ben Falcon, Horse's paint maestro, primed and painted her with a single stage black gloss paint. I brought the Atlas logos back to life by highlighting them with gold sign paint.

Next I completely re-wired the machine so the original on-off switch was back in business, as it was not working when I first got the machine. I put new brass lever-ends on the quill feed handles, as well as a new return spring, adjustable v-belt, lubrication fittings, bearings, etc.

The Drill press runs, feels and looks great. I love these old machines and I love the idea of keeping one in operation in hopes it will continue to serve for years to come.