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Thomas Callahan

Ezra Caldwell was a friend and fellow bike builder in NYC. I didn't know him for very long, but his work still inspires me. I have been wanting to build a bicycle that spoke to his past work, his character and our brief friendship before he passed. A way to keep him in the forefront of my mind. A way to keep his spirt and love for living rolling.

Dar Patel, an architect and a friend, came to the Horse workshop with an idea for a custom bicycle. His aesthetic was spot on, with reference imagery for the bicycle design spanning furniture, textures, colors, and components. He had also shown me an image of a FAST BOY, one of the many bikes Ezra had built. The following images are of the final product, encompassing both Dar's vision, sprinkled with some hints of a very talented Ezra Caldwell. Enjoy.

Brass headset topper turned on the lathe here at the workshop / angle swept bars.

Rolloph speed hub / disc / 14 speed / paragon stainless rocker dropouts 


Hand stamped brass head badge.