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NYC Commuters abound - After the storm

Alexander Vijay Smith

Riding down Bedford Avenue back to my workshop on Thursday morning I was met by a strange sight. Rows and rows of cars, parked in the middle of the street. On every corner, Police directing traffic past the linear caterpillar of yellow taxicabs and minivans. Continuing on, I realize that the cars are in line waiting for gas. Days later, Hurricane Sandy continues to leave her mark. The bike lane is flowing though, and as we pull up at the traffic light, we look at one another as if to say. This is kind of nuts

A few days later, crossing the Williamsburg Bridge to Manhattan. It’s cold. NPR promised lows in the 30's. 7:30 pm and there were more people on the bridge coming home from the city than I have ever seen on the nicest summer day. It was crammed full of people on bikes. The gas shortage was in effect, the subway system still under water. All a result of a terrible storm that displaced families and destroyed homes. But I can’t help but feel happy for everyone on the bridge. Out of all the discomfort and inconvenience experienced, we are still free to ride.

I love this city and I love riding my bike through its streets and nothing makes me happier then when others make that discovery.

To all those who were affected by the storm our hearts are with you. Cyclists.

Volunteer efforts continue.  For information on how to help: