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Stainless Steel Touring Machine

Alexander Vijay Smith

[gallery link="file" columns="4" orderby="title"] This is a light weight touring / randonneuring frame that rocks my world.  I ride when I need to carry a load and do it fast.  Its a great bike for light weight touring and set up for a sturdy load up front.  The racks are Brushed nickle plated 4130 and incorporate canit brake guards to protect the panniers from interfering with rear braking.  The Rear rack incorporates a machined tail LED tail light made in house.  The front Rack carries a Schmidt E6 front lamp that is bright enough to light up the darkest nights.  The lamp is powered by the front dynamo hub that generates all the electricity needed.  An aluminum top cap was machined to hold a small compass just in case you lose your way.  Hand carved Stainless steel lugs and fork crown together with a three color paint job sets this bike apart from any other in my stable.  I true pleasure to look at and to ride

The bike is made with true temper tubing for the front triangle and a Reynolds 953  rear triangle.  Shimano Ultegra groupo with 105 triple crank set. Mavic open pro sport rims and a bit of brooks for the saddle and handle bar rap.

See more detailed shots at our Flickr page.

Photography by: Nate Mumford