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Thomas Callahan


For the past few years we have been working on developing motorcycles that look good and go fast with classic styling and a vintage vibe.  We have been utilizing the spray booth to work on Moto tanks and helmets taking our custom paint to the next level.   

Coming in September we will be having a show to highlight all the work we have been doing with MOTO's including our signature motorcycle and signature helmets.  We will be showing a short video projection and some super rad photography by Joel Henderson.  We are totally excited about the project as a whole and all the amazing relationships we have made along the way.  Check out a little teaser to get you going.

We had a fun few days in the Rockaways, riding the bikes around (bicycle and moto), surfing, skating and an all around rad time in the chill zone!  

The gallery show will celebrate the freedom of movement that allows us to enjoy the city we love and those things that make us the happiest. We hope to round up some beers, have a BBQ and invite everyone by for a rock'n good time. Until then keep up to date on instagram @horsecycles and sign up for our mailing list.   Our goal is to bring old and new folks from different communities together to share the things we love.  Ride hard, ride on...

Check out a few of the images from our shoot out at the Beach and some of the new custom MOTO gear coming out of the workshop.



Lobster Helmet Back Full copy.jpg