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Über CX

Alexander Vijay Smith

Über (German pronunciation: [ˈyːbɐ] ( listen), sometimes written ueberuber or uuber, is a German language word meaning "above", "over" or "across". It is a cognate of both Latin super and Greek ὑπέρ (hyper).Uber CX (1 of 1) I've been amped about this build for a while.  So much so that I'm going to build its stainless brethren any day now.  What makes it an Über CX?  Well, first its the precision tig welded double oversized tubes.  (USA True Temper OX Platinum steel alloy.) Second, it's made with a 44mm oversized head tube for maximum stiffness and control.Uber CX (14 of 16)

The Über CX will be paired with an ENVE disc fork with a 1.5" tapered steerer.  It has robust custom S-bent seat and chain stays allowing it to fit larger 38mm big boy tires.  This pup will be built up with the new SRAM hydraulic Disc brakes. It's getting sent out to Arizona to be thrashed in the rocky deserts of Flag Staff.Uber CX (10 of 16)

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Uber CX (6 of 16)